Who am I?

I place art work in my shop. I made a website. I share in my blog how I do things. But who am I really. I am a single mom, living with my daughter and cat. You can find  their pictures in my gallery. I have a job, until recently, a fulltime job. A severe eye condition made that impossible but getting back on my feet and getting back to work. As for my art, I work with a magnifying glass and a daylight lamp. I hope and pray that losing my sight will slow down so I can go on creating.

On the highway called online there is no other contact than from behind a telephone screen. You can't walk in my shop so I can introduce myself or talk about art with you while having coffee. So, I tell you my story here, so you know who you're dealing with. I write it in this blog, you can skip it:-)

Although I am new in the world of creating art, I am almost 61 years old. Never ever did I see myself making art or anything for that matter. Can't get a nail straight in a wall nor sew a button on my jeans. 

Something changed 2 years ago. I discovered Pinterest. I was totaly amazed by the creativity of so many people. It was there that I learned the words altering and mixed media. I loved how people could change a milkbottle in a piece of art. I wanted that, could I? Everything I have created was a learning and getting better experience. Still learning every day, I love it! Do I succeed? Is it  worthy? That's up to you, let me know!


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