Did You?

...know or felt that you were creative? I for sure did not! I can't get a nail in the wall straight, I can't get a button fixed on my clothes, I can't knit or chrochet or make something out of anything. I use to make nice things with my grandma, that's what she made me think:-)

What I can do is decorate my home, maintain a beautiful garden, keep my plants and flowers alive, grown my own vegetables and fruit and enjoy it at the same time. 

So, that being said, 2 years ago I discovered Pinterest. I was totally amazed by what people can make. Really, I spent the next couple of months making a ton of boards and pins until one day I saw this bottle. A plain bottle but the that lady made it a beautiful piece of art. Check it out, I have followers and a lot of views, never dreamt that to be even possible.

That bottle changed my life. I still have a job but every minute I don't work, I'm into making art. Bottles, lamps out of bottles, canvas, glass, still can't figure out if I need to pick one, but I can't.

And now an Etsy shop, a blog, not bad for a lady in het sixties right. How did you start and where are you now, please tell me!

Have a crafty day, Yolanda

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