Venice…A splendour of miscellaneous spirits.” John Ruskin


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How I love Venice. Been there once, lifetime experience.
When I found this huge shell in my stash it reminded me of the masks and the feathers and an idea was born.
It took me many many hours, weeks in fact to get everything in place.
I made the mask from a mold and decided to go out of my comfort zone with the canvas.
I had a lot of lace which I wrapped around the canvas after soaking it in powertex.
While building up with embellishments like flowers, animals; peacock, bee, butterfly and tiger head, feathers, flowers, hearts, pearl strings, beads, old vintage jewelry, please take a close look at the pictures, there is a lot on it, I choose the colors, purple haze, pink and gold. I used spraypaints, acrylic paint, shimmerpaints, glitter and resin. On the right side I added the word IMAGINE with texture paste.

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