Squirl Bottle Lamp


Shipping to United States: $27.51

The neverending story of a squirllamp. I met this squirl lady in Spain last year where she was having breakfast in a huge palmtree ­čî┤next to me.
When I came home I found this picture of a squirl and decoupaged it on a 4.5 ltr empty bottle that my daughter brought home from work. I started out with the squirl with the idea that she is living in her home started working with stuff I found in my house, backyard and forest. I installed the light and made a shade out of leaves. The roof is made of pineapples which I glued on the bottle. The shade is my out of real leaves which I prepared and also glued on the shade. The inside of the shade is goldpainted. It took me a year to finish her but building up was much fun. I hope she will find a place in a kids room or that she ends up with someone who loves squirls. The total height is 52 cm.

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